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• Technical advice – Advice on formate product properties, HSE, registration, laboratory testing, formulation and field application


• Technical and commercial writing – Writing papers, briefings, reports, reviews, articles, press releases, PR, conference and exhibition materials relating to formate brines.  


• Innovative solutions – Advice on novel innovative formate-based solutions for demanding challenges. New formate product and application ideas.


• Research support – Support and advise clients’ formate R&D projects      


• Product sourcing – Advice on the sources and availability of formate brines and powders


• Troubleshooting – Problem solving for formate products and applications  


• Business and marketing strategy – Strategic business and marketing advice to producers, distributors and users of formate brines.  


• Business start-up support – Advice on how to successfully launch a new oilfield chemical business


• Market information -   Formate product suppliers, distributors, use, volumes, players, segmentation, market growth and news.


• Economic value – Analysis of the economic value provided by use of formate brines in the oil industry

Formate solutions for the oil and gas industry

Formate Brine Ltd provides expert advice on all matters relating to the supply, development and use of formate brines by the oil industry in well operations.


John Downs, the Director of Formate Brine Ltd, has over 25 years of experience in the development and deployment of formate brines in the oilfield.  He has also been involved in 4 new oilfield chemical business start-ups.



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